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Characters and courses

Hit the green with up to four players locally* or online** and golf with familiar Mushroom Kingdom characters on a variety of colorful courses.

Meet the crew

Choose from some of your favorite characters, each with their own unique strengths and abilities.

Colorful courses

Here are some of the lavish locations you’ll be playing at.

A scenic view of Rookie Course from above.

Rookie Course

A basic course perfect for beginners.

A scenic view of Bonny Greens from above.

Bonny Greens

A classic course featuring rolling hills and beautiful scenery.

A scenic view of Ridgerock Lake from above.

Ridgerock Lake

A windy course with steep cliffs and a majestic lake.

A scenic view of Balmy Dunes from above.

Balmy Dunes

A desert course featuring sandy dunes and rocky mountains.

A scenic view of Wildweather Woods from above.

Wildweather Woods

A woodsy course prone to heavy rain and thunderstorms.

A scenic view of Bowser Highlands from above.

Bowser Highlands

A hazardous course designed by Bowser to challenge Mario.

A scenic view of New Donk City from above.

New Donk City

A ridonkulous course featuring all par 3 holes and two layouts: Amateur and Pro.

A scenic view of Blustery Basin from above.

Blustery Basin

A snowy, mountainous course prone to strong crosswinds from Ty-foos and blizzards that affect how the ball rolls.

A scenic view of Spiky Palms from above.

Spiky Palms

A desert course offering beautiful sunsets that is home to resident Spikes and many other pointy things.

A scenic view of Shelltop Sanctuary from above.

Shelltop Sanctuary

A masterful course featuring all par 3 holes and two layouts: Amateur and Pro.

A scenic view of All-Star Summit from above.

All-Star Summit

A Mario-themed course featuring coins, clouds, blocks, and beyond!

Super Golf Stadium

Looking for an out-of-this-world golf experience? This towering, futuristic stadium was built for action-packed games of Battle Golf.

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